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Keep on Swimminnn'

October 19, 2016  •  5 Comments

After an awesome, fun time in the Bay Area, it's off to Auburn, California. (north of Sacramento).

There to visit other friends and contributors, Scott & Kerri Avery on their cozy little 'farm' of wild turkeys, goats and two boys.

The ride from SF to Sacramento was unbearable, made me wonder if the air conditioner in the car was even working.

Everything in the car was melting. I think the dashboard lists to one side now because of it. I was really too hot to take too many photos so I just enjoyed spending the afternoons on the farm in the cool of some trees, running around taking pictures of goats.



Oh yeah, the neighbor had a Mercedes graveyard…




You know I love architecture so I love when I see something like the tallest bridge in California. Structure alone is a big turn-on, but the way it interacts with the landscape is impressive too.

I can just never fathom how they get the two sides to meet. I often think they start with a piece of string with a small stone tied to the other end and then throw it to the other side. Then they keep adding heavier string till they've gotten to a size they can start throwing big stones, bricks and concrete after it.

Like I said, I can't figure out how it starts and meets in the middle.



Then into downtown Auburn and some of the surrounding area.

Where I saw more things I just didn't understand, like these statues on the side of the road. Ugly? Nice? For me it was an exercise in getting out of a somewhat cool car and into the heat just for a few pics that nobody will really care about… that much. But that's odd.



Heather Emery(non-registered)
Your images really speak for themselves and are quite stunning. I appreciate Judy sending me your way to check them out! I work with her at STF.
Safe travels, Heather
John Mullin(non-registered)
Inspiring! Now on to Canyon and Manor. Safe journey, little brother!
love all of this, Frank ;)
Doug Miller(non-registered)
Love the bridge shot, very cool. Glad to hear you are feeling better. Cancer really sucks man. I spent a week giving my Mom shots in the stomach twice a day after a 16 day run in the hospital due to side effects from chomo treatment.
I particularly liked the photos of the goat on the car, and the statue with the chain, and the archer.

Your stories add an extra dimension to the images :)
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