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To Make a Short Story Longer…

October 10, 2016  •  Leave a Comment


The trip driving to the Bay Area was nothing like later that week.

But first wait, there's more...


After Craters of the Moon getting into some semblance of civilization seemed 'not such a bad idea'.

San Francisco has got to be one of my all time favorite cities, so that's a no brainer.

I stayed with my good friend and substantial contributor, Ami.

Her House, after being partially destroyed by fire is finally restored enough that it's slowly becoming a show piece.

Again, no pics, it's that pesky witness protection bruhah.


She took me to city where I got some great pics exploring the James Flood building's interior.

It was there that I took numerous Rorhsshack tests while walking down the two different shaped stairwells from the twelfth floor.




Here, take these tests and tell me all the things you see.


The installation, many years ago, are mirror images made by reversing or flopping similar slab faces of the granite/marble walls. No photo-shopping except for crop and contrast.



I failed all those Rorhsshack tests…. because all I saw were actual photographs.

So later, I explored a bit of Oakland previously unbeknownst to me.

(I like that word "unbeknownst" it's kind of like 'smote')

Just some deco, kitschy and more cool stuff I don't see everyday.



Thoughts and observations that happen when driving long hours alone:

  • Is Buckminster Fuller's brain shaped like a geodesic dome?
  • Bumper sticker: Don't laugh, your daughter may be in here.
  • What ever happened to Sky King?
  • Wherever or Bust



There's potato all over the highway in cryptic Idaho.






One thing about my photography…

In the days of celluloid, film and manual cameras I shot w/two cameras: one for color; one for B&W.

Sometimes I would rotate out for a third film: Kodak B&W high speed infra-red.

Now that I'm shooting digital I can process the photos to mix and match the results to look like one of those 3 films.


Since then I've slowly come to the conclusion that it has always been about the film (because that's all that was available).

Now that I have the opportunity to go beyond the limits of film I can express the vision of my mind's eye and how I envision my subject matter.

The photos have been excruciatingly 'thought-out' to exhibit how I see what I photograph.


yakitty schmackitty

I mess with them;

try things;

explore effects;

change how I do it;

change what I do to it.


I you have any questions, my chauffeur in the back of the room will answer them.


(The Chauffeur And The Professor (Live) (1971))



(End of Optional Section)


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