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oddities: a new journey

July 04, 2016  •  1 Comment

After 4 long years I can finally say, "I've beat the Big C - Cancer." I win!
Near a whole year spent in pain, chemo, hospital and doctor's visits, and another 3 years of PTSD and anticipation of a return visit of that nasty shit. PTSD never goes away, there's always the thought of it coming back and having to go through that terrible process again.

Hi, I'm Frank and I'm an award winning commercial and fine art photographer. 

In my first year of struggle with cancer almost 4 years ago, I wasn't able to do much work and had absolutely no money coming in. I quickly went through what little savings I had and closed down my photography studio and lost a place to live.

My good friends and family helped me through and helped me with places to live and money when they could. I ended up applying for early Social Security only to find it's not enough to pay for a decent place to live and the expenses that come with it.

As a photographer I've exhibited in one man shows and group shows across the country and have been published nationally.
And this summer, approaching 65 years of age in November, I plan to travel cross-country on my 'walkabout' as I call it.

My goal is to continue taking photos for a number of personal projects and themes, but the one I'm most crazy about is the one that's the most crazy-wacky.

I'm not a landscape photographer by any means and these photos won't be stunning Ansel Adams type photos.They're going to be wacky gonzo photos of the odd ball things I see on my travels. And you all can keep track by following my soon to appear blog. The ultimate dream goal of course, is a compilation in book form.

In order to do as much as possible and stay out longer, making my way from Portland, Oregon to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania...
I will need funds for a
*Car expenses, (it's a 2003 Hyundai SantaFe w/100,000+ miles embarking on it's second crossing), 
*Campground fees and 
*Food, go figure. 
*And the occasional stay at a cheap motel to regroup, refresh, recharge and sleep in a real bed.

As I said SS retirement money is just not enough to keep 'my walkabout' going.
I have gotten to the age where I've been a caregiver to my parents and older family members till their death. I've raised two children and one foster child who are all married and out of the house. 

So this all comes as a long needed break and a celebration of living through cancer. This trip has always been a passion of mine. Photography is my life. I'm single, an only child (man), cancer free for now, and finally free to get on with my own life. Certainly a dream of many. 
But wow, to photograph the way I've always wanted and to grow as a creative artist in my own funky fun way.

It's not possible to say how much your help means to me and how awesomely thankful I would be.



Love it.

... and PTSD sucks!
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